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Building Bridges of Justice, Dignity, Respect, and social peace through inspiring, connecting and empowering people.


More peaceful, prosperous, equal and protected society.

Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity.


GLOBAL STEPS is a Lebanese NGO, nonprofit, independent, non-religious, non-political, and open to all. Over 10 years of experience locally and regionally implementing development initiatives designed to strengthen communities and develop local economies..


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We inspire and empower people

Global Steps believes that society leaders and organizations with relevant knowledge, skills and passion can generate ideas and show commitment to engage with the underlying causes of issues that people face. Global Steps inspire and empower people through stimulating skills and knowledge transfer and exchange among sustainable development professionals (Social-Economic-Environmental) and other people who play a role in changing lives of people to preserve human dignity and social justice. We work on different levels in order to reach our objectives, in order to address our main areas of expertise.

Areas of Expertise

Networking and Partnerships

Global Steps adopts and designs its programs according to a system of coordination and partnerships, through the formation of a local network of community based organization and local NGO’s in Lebanon, in addition to a support knowledge sharing strategy between organizations based in Lebanon.
We develop adequate strategies and interventions so as to reduce existing vulnerabilities within and outside the country through the exchange of experiences, ideas and information with local stakeholders to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of our work in the sector of Emergency, Recovery and Development.
Following a participatory approach through fruitful partnerships between the governmental organizations, international & local donors, and local NGO’s

Consultancy and Advise

Global Steps has over ten years of international experience in the areas of program development, policy advice, training, and research related to humanitarian aid, relief and development. Global Steps staff can be made available for short-term consultancy assignments, such as research, training, evaluations of projects, and technical support or advice.

Research and Projects Evaluation

Global Steps believes that research is an important means to understand people’s problems, faced issues and to improve programs to address such issues. We are pride in our ability to implement high quality research, using both methodologies quantitative and qualitative, which are based on latest practices and theories. Our research is guided by the international conventions as Human Rights and Child Rights and follows strict ethical guidelines. We also have developed several project evaluation tools to conduct impact evaluation researches and project assessments using different tools, and have delivered or participated in researches, mid-term and final project evaluations for organizations funded by EU, UN agencies, USAID and other donors.

Training and Curriculum Development

Global Steps has built up an extensive experience in delivering training and curriculum development on various subjects relevant to sustainable and human development issues targeting but not limited to children, youth and women.
Global Steps usually creates a curriculum advisory team made up of subject specialists, senior local trainers, and curriculum designers. Global Steps would ensure the engagement of multiple key stakeholders in this process in order to build credibility and sustainability.
Our curriculums and trainings are based on experiential instructional methods rather than traditional lecture-based styles of instruction. Our programs and services are tailored to the needs of beneficiaries’ needs and contracting organization requests.
Our training sessions are always interactive in set-up, using a combination of active to engage different types of learners and put participants in charge of their own learning.

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Fatima Choukayr

Global Steps Board Member, Registered Pharmacist since 2014 , holds MA in Biology, Employee at the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and participated in the implementation of social, environmental and cultural activities since 2006 with different Local NGO's (Kamal Jaber Social & Cultural Center, Beyond Association, YMCA-Lebanon...) and International NGO’s (Regional Environmental Center-REC, UNICEF, Mercy Corps, ANERA, USAID…).

Wissam Ajam

Global Steps Board Member, North Coordinator with Lebanese Cultural & Social Association, Tawasol Association and previously plays active role in the past 12 years in leading development projects and initiatives in Akkar and Tripoli governorates with local and international NGO’s in coordination with local stakeholders.

Nancy Tarek Yammout

Global Steps Co-Founder and Board Member, and the founder and President of Rescue Me, an NGO focused on crime and violence prevention. Yamout holds two master’s degrees and conducted forensic social field research related to Extremism. Over the past 7 years, she interviewed more than 60 prisoners in Roumieh prison accused of Extremism in order to develop a behavioral analysis profile of these individuals. These researches later integrated into, vocational, social media, expressive art and psycho-social programming with youth at risk and families.

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02 Apr 2017

We have come to the end of yet another amazing Global Money Week! Smashing all previous records, over 140 countries were involved in the celebrations, and the Week’s reach continues to grow worldwide! This year’s Global

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Transforming Creative Ideas into Action plans

23 Apr 2017

A Youth Empowerment project in Nabatieh by Global Steps and partners

Global Steps in partnership with UNICEF-funded Elevate Accelerator project, Google Launchpad, BOOT CAMP and Hult Prize, cooperated in 2016 in the framework

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Rescue Me and Global Steps fighting Extremism through arts and social support

24 Jan 2018

Global Steps Association partnered with Rescue Me Association strategically and on the implementation level through exchanging expertise as Planning, Project development, Fundraising, Raining and Curriculum Development, CVE

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