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About Us

January 10, 2017


More peaceful, prosperous, equal and protected society.


Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity.


Building Bridges of Justice, Dignity, Respect, and social peace through inspiring, connecting and empowering people.

GLOBAL STEPS is a Lebanese NGO, nonprofit, independent, non-religious, non-political, and open to all. Over 10 years of experience locally and regionally implementing development initiatives designed to strengthen communities and develop local economies. Since 2002, GLOBAL STEPS keeps a regional and global presence with a wide network of Community Based Leaders from different communities supported by a pool of Consultants, Trainers and Volunteers, working through their community based NGO’s in partnership with local and international NGO’s to bring relief and humanitarian support to the population in general and to those who suffered and still suffering from war, conflicts and from the lack of governmental health, education, and social care and protection, through direct assistance, community based interventions as well as sustainable development programs to enhance human rights and social and health awareness, livelihood conditions and protection for all community categories, following a participatory approach through involving public, private and civil society sectors in assessing the  needs and implementing programs responding to these needs with the most vulnerable and deprived categories.